The territory's long wine-producing tradition is today enhanced by giving value to the autochthon vines, which are the result of centuries of activity. A perfect example of this is the Ribolla Gialla, which Primosic has been producing with great passion for a long time. The variety has been deep-rooted for centuries and has such a potentially high quality that the wine has soared to reach the top of the most appreciated international white wines.

Grape Variety:
89% Ribolla gialla
11% Pinot nero

Alcohol 12,50% vol.
Acidity 6,50 g/l
Sugar content 4,00 g/l

Production Area
Friuli Venezia Giulia, Villanova di Farra, Oslavia and San Floriano
Marl - sandstone, “Ponca”
Production technique
Ribolla grapes come from the vineyards pinnacle and are manually harvested in mid October, at their ideal ripeness, to keep a perfect balance between alcohol and acidity. The Pinot Noir grapes come from a vineyard right on the bank of Piumica’s creek north faced The blend has been created after fermentations, Pinot Noir light tannins fit Ribolla’s mineral as-pects, creating a whole of fresh delicious complexity. The sparkling winemaking method is known as cuve close (charmat); the yeasts employed are the same of the ones utilized in champenoise method, assuring finesse and grace to the wine. The ba-sis of Ribolla and Pinot Noir is refermented (prise de mousse) to a very low temperature in order to preserve the primary aromatic component, with a pressure of 6.3 atmospheres.
Organoleptic description
RibollaNoir keeps the main characters of Ribolla united with the gentle aromatics of Pinot Noir. Zesty and citrusy in the nose with nashi hints and fragrant flowers.


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